Wood Shop

Please note that due to the nature of our business we do not always have the Wood we list in stock but we would always try to offer an alternative if we don’t have what you need.

Price list 2018


Most of our items are built to the Customers requirements, please contact us if you have something in mind

We manufacture a range of products which include:

Compost bins


Wheelie Bin stores


Garden Furniture

Animal HousingLog Store

Fruit/vegetable trays

The trays are stackable and can be used for fruit or vegetables.


We sell Firewood in returnable sacks plus 20kg Bags of Eco Briquettes.


small4Sold in net bags.



Firewood;  15kg Sacks  (Softwood) £4.50  (Hardwood) £7.50

Logs;  Seasoned hardwood per sack  £ 7.50  (also available per cubic metre)

Kindling: £3.00

Briquettes: 20kg Sack £9.50





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